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Thoughts on EDUCATION...?

For this quick read, I would like if you WRITE DOWN what comes to mind when you think of the term EDUCATION. There are, certainly, a few things that come to mine when I look at this word. For me it is not just LIMITED to things like SCHOOLING, QUALIFICATIONS, etc. Instead, I think of terms like OPPORTUNITIES, CHANCES, CAREER, etc. Education is one of the many things that do not have a RIGID path that one has to follow. If schools and colleges teach us the theory of different subjects that MIGHT shape our career paths later on in life, then LIFE itself teaches us how to DEAL with the world - where I mean SOCIETY, PEOPLE, and WORK CULTURES. Now there is another huge role of being an EDUCATED MEMBER of the society because it gives you a HIGHER and BETTER VIEW of everything. It basically gives you a WIDER view full of LIGHT because of the KNOWLEDGE you POSSESS rather than staying in the NARROWER view with a lot of DARKNESS around when one is about to make a DECISION. Think of this concept with this rhetorical question; doesn't the world look better up from the plane?

So, I am aware of the trends about education - and schooling and getting a college degree - that were going on pre-COVID and early COVID. People were CONTEMPLATING getting a college degree and were dropping out at a higher rate because they felt that getting into debt, going to college, and then finding a job to pay off that debt is not as much worth as it should be. Then came on the online model of learning in the education system. This was revolutionary in a way because it proved the major degrees can be completed online and from anywhere, and it will be as effective as going in person. This shift went from negative to positive. In LIFE things GO negative to positive, it is the SAME when it comes to EDUCATION and BUILDING A CAREER that will get YOU a DECENT LIFESTYLE. This is how it goes, if you keep THINKING about it and do NOTHING then you will not get anything. However, if you have a PLAN OF ACTION in mind then you will ACHIEVE everything you want. There are multiple places on this earth where people, especially children do not get EASY ACCESS to education. For them it is something of a ROYAL PRIVILEGE. So really, if you have the opportunity then DO NOT just let it WASTE AWAY. Now, I am NOT RESTRICTING you to ONE WAY of advancing in life, there could be a chance that you have potential like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg - who are college dropouts. My REQUEST to you is, do not shun the idea of being an educated person - even if it is through online articles on different topics, or books you like to borrow from the library - just because everyone else is doing the same.


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