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Qualities that make us Human (Part 3) - Feelings

Updated: Jan 19

FEAR, ANGER, LOVE, HAPPINESS, CARE, PRIDE, SENTIMENT, EMOTIONS these are all words associated with FEELINGS. Humans are the highest order of organisms. This is achieved because of the SIMPLE fact that we have a complex organ called BRAIN, that allows us to create, think, communicate and most importantly FEEL. Everything we humans do, GOD has made us able for it by giving us a brain that is EQUIPPED for such things. It is in our NATURE to FEEL and EXPRESS and to HELP with that we CREATED words. Our feelings make us WORTHY of HUMANITY.

Now, there are instances when SOME people either 'HIDE' their feelings or don't express it to show others that they are COLD and HEARTLESS because they think its cool or a weakness. This is a FOOLISH way of going about things. That does not mean that people who do not express their feelings are fools, in SOME CASES that's how they have been brought up and it is what they have been TAUGHT from a young age.

The POINT here is that since our FEELINGS are what CONNECT us to our HUMANITY and make us HUMANS we should not SHY away from showing it. Bottling things up inside takes a HUGE toll on the human body BOTH mentally and physically. MOST of all it leads to STRESS which leads to other HEALTH ISSUES. However, we cannot be completely stress free because it is a part of today's FAST PACE life BUT we can definitely REDUCE the amount of it by EXPRESSING our FEELINGS and talking about them. It is OKAY to SHOW when you are SAD, HAPPY or just CALM. If you tell your BRAIN to relax it definitely will, all you have to do is tell it to... take the FIRST STEP which is to start SHOWING your FEELINGS.

A person will be just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln.

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