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Qualities that make us Human (Part 2) - Curiosity

Updated: Jan 19

QUESTIONING things and DOUBTING decisions and life choices are also part of the qualities that make us human beings. It is also one of those QUALITIES that determine our existence. ASKING questions and doubting the people around us and their actions has PLAYED a great part in our evolving as a human society. Many inventions that have been done in various fields is because we asked the questions that were NECESSARY. Why did our ancestors ask those questions? That’s because they were curious and wanted life to be a little easier and better. Also, because they set out DETERMINED to FIND the answers even if they were doubtful about the OUTCOMES. They say that curiosity killed the cat but, in our case, even if it did it was NOT IN VAIN. We found those answers long back and made progress. Now LOOK where we are TODAY. I BELIEVE that if we stay curious, we can do the same today. FIND those answers and EVOLVE with even better PROGRESS.

In today's day and age, I have OBSERVED a lot of people around me and just in general around the world trying not to be too curious. Going AGAINST our said nature where we want to know everything, we FORCE ourselves to not go after it and pursue it because it would be too embarrassing, or just weird or awkward. I think that we should not let these SMALL THINGS stop us from exploring. It is in our NATURE, and we should EMBRACE it. We as HUMANS need to ACKNOWLEDGE that this is all good for our BETTERMENT as a society and there is nothing wrong in wanting to know things. Having that MINDSET will also help most of us with our anxiety and nervousness. It will help us gain all the CONFIDENCE we need.

Curiosity and questions will get you further than confidence and answers. – Maxime Legacé

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