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Qualities that make us Human ... MISTAKES (Part 4)

Mistakes are a HUGE part of our lives as humans - as living beings. For some, making mistakes can be LIFE OR DEATH because they want everything to be perfect but if everything was perfect and without ERRORS then we would be as good as the ROBOTS and MACHINES that we create. The IRONY is that even these machines and robots are not as perfect as we would want them to be and end up doing EXPERIMENTS. Everything in life works on a TRIAL and ERROR method or HIT and TRIAL method whichever facilitates your thinking.

When I say that mistakes are a huge part of our lives I mean that it has a huge ROLE in BUILDING our PERSONALITY, making us LEARN, TEACHING us what is right or wrong, helping us UNDERSTAND how to NAVIGATE through LIFE and its different CHALLENGES. The KIND of mistakes that I am talking about here are the POSITIVE ones. Which means mistakes we LEARN from. We have all, at some point in time, heard that the FIRST time is a mistake but a SECOND time is a CHOICE because you KNEW about it. There is another famous saying that I have heard a lot growing up which says that we humans are an EFFIGY of OUR mistakes but those mistakes are always UNIQUE.

In the end, I just want to CONVEY that if you make a MISTAKE.. it is FINE as long as YOU learn from it and MOVE ON with life. Look at it this way - you make a mistake, ask yourself (can something be done about it?) and think if yes, then stop wallowing in it and if no then stop wallowing in it as well. You have your ANSWER and all you have to do at that point is WORK according to that and LIFE will be as SMOOTH as never before. PANIC and WORRY will not do much help as compared to ASKING what can be done about it. SO, do not be AFRAID of making mistakes but rather LEARN and GROW when you do make one.


Learn to grow

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