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POWER... is it corrupt?

POWER... a DESIRE which is NEVER satisfied. There are many different ASPECTS that define this word for different PEOPLE. It could be many things we could not even ANTICIPATE. Power could be MONEY, STRENGTH, FORCE, CONTROL, RULE, UNDEFEATED, GREED or UNETHICAL PRACTICES. For most, DOMINANCE over others around or CONTROL over money is what defines power. Apparently, it is the STANDARD definition that has ENGRAVED its way into everyone's mind and is constantly referred to even if it is SUBCONSCIOUSLY. In fact, it is not a SURPRISE that the ones who come into power will resort to ways otherwise deemed UNETHICAL to stay in that position of INFLUENCE. However, there is a question that still remains... is power really CORRUPT? or is it the PEOPLE in power who become corrupt over time? even more, does power MAKE those in powerful positions corrupt?

The DEAL is that people who come into power or have acquired it by some means get GREEDY over the period. That is good enough a REASON for taking corruption into consideration to simply MAINTAIN the influence an individual has on others. The end result CREATES a an ILLUSION into people's brains that power is corrupt. Therefore, certain individuals who want to STAY safe tend to stay AWAY from it. This thought process LEADS us to be SUSPICIOUS of others and become HESITANT while trusting someone even it is for a simple task. As you might have come across above about people; that people are the reason that we see power in the LIGHT of it being corrupt. So we can CONCLUDE that people who use their power for WRONGS make it look corrupt. Which leads me to answer the title of this blog.. the answer is NO. Wherever there is MANKIND, corruption will always FOLLOW. It is just like our SHADOWS.

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Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power. - George Bernard Shaw

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