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PAIN... the only constant in life!!

They say that in order to maintain a BALANCE of things in the world there is a CONCEPT followed about GOOD and EVIL being MIXED; the theory of YIN & YANG. I am sure we are all familiar with it. Now it is not always that easy to UNDERSTAND it or SEE it all that clearly. When we are CLOUDED with our emotions, it get very hard to even think RATIONALLY and with a CLEAR mind. FEELINGS that are associated with EXPERIENCES of being hurt or being broken or hating someone and seeking revenge. are all related to PAIN- it can be many things. What I mean to point out is the FACT that everything we feel or know the meaning of and even the world as it exists today is all because of the existence of pain in the world. We only KNOW happiness, peace or good BECAUSE we have experienced the sadness, the distressing the bad. These above PHASES/EMOTIONS are generally classified as positive and negative feelings, respectively. While these so called negative feelings are ALWAYS - directly or indirectly - related to or originated from ONE CONSTANT - PAIN. On the other hand, it is the SOLE reason we have come across all those good feelings and positive vibes as we like to put it.

WHY a constant? Simple, because it NEEDS to be one. If pain was NON-EXISTENT there would be no hate; which is good. However, there would be NO LOVE as well. If you. put it like this, if EVERYTHING was going just FINE with ONLY good or normal events taking place, the world as we know it today would be DULL and COLOURLESS. Which is why the one constant in life that keeps the CYCLE of emotions and indirectly the world going and even keeps US going is PAIN. We know it which is why we STRIVE to make the world a BETTER and. MORE BEARABLE PLACE. One thing I am sure of is that NOBODY wants to live in a BLACK & WHITE world.

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Great things never came from comfort zones. - Neil Strauss

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