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MOTIVATION... Needed or Not?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

One MIGHT say that if we DO something, it is ALWAYS because of MOTIVATION. They would BELIEVE this because everyone has a MOTIVE to achieve. Of course there are different FORMS of it. It is ANOTHER kind when we do OUR routines tasks and it CHANGES when we are given an INCENTIVE to perform a task. For SOME this is the PERFECT kind of motivation and MUCH NEEDED. It is, for them, a DRIVING force in LIFE - much like something that KEEPS them GOING ON.

HOWEVER, there probably are OTHERS, including myself, who would deem it USELESS and UNNECESSARY. Why, you ask...

Well, having an AMBITION and BEING AMBITIOUS is a personal thing BECAUSE it comes from WITHIN. I believe that those who look for motivation from others, simply BURDEN themselves. How do they do that? A fairly SIMPLE explanation. ENTHUSIASM coming from others is not AS EFFECTIVE as it is when it comes from ONESELF. Others tend to put a GREATER emphasis on how HUGE and BAD their obstacles and problems were and that this is the reason that they were able to find their DETERMINATION. To make it even more BURDENSOME for the listeners, the speaker gives very VAGUE answers when ASKED how exactly they SOLVED their problems. Although I believe that determination, drive, and ambition are FOUND when one finds themselves. MOTIVATION that is DISCOVERED by US on OUR OWN is the BEST form of motivation we can ever EXPERIENCE.

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