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Life... A Journey - We Want To Know Everything About

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

What is LIFE? Life is... beautiful, a strange mystery, adventure, a story, and an experience all packed in a JOURNEY that starts from the SECOND we are BORN to the MINUTE we DIE. Evidently, it is different for everyone because all of us have divergent PATHS that we take to reach our distinct DESTINATIONS. Life is so UNEXPECTED at times that we wish we knew what was coming. Not always right, we know the fact is that it will always be twists and turns and never a straight line. Just like a CARDIOGRAPH. A straight line means dead and a line with ups and downs or twists and turns means alive. To LIVE we need to experience those ups and downs, good and bad, okay and not okay just like a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE. I get it, you might be reasoning that it will be much easier if we KNEW somethings before hand and we will be able to do things BETTER; but for that IDEA we do have astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, etc. But ASK yourself, do you REALLY want to know everything that will happen in your future, in every little detail? Is it going to ever be WORTH IT? You must have HEARD the phrase that life TESTS you first before TEACHING you a LESSON; at least I have heard it a million times, in every motivational speech that I have come across. THINK, what would happen if you knew. Let us CREATE a scenario. SUPPOSE you KNEW that tomorrow you will be getting a promotion. Your COLLEAGUES are WAITING for your surprised reaction to capture in a memory, BUT you already know. You might be thinking, so what?! NOW look at it this way... will you be able to GIVE them the REACTION and SHOW them the EXCITEMENT that you would have felt when you were OBLIVIOUS of it? The answer is NO, no you will NOT be able to do that. In fact, it will feel BORING. As if, there's no colour in it, its all just COLOURLESS. And trust me, no one will always like a colourless and EMOTIONLESS experience. If you want to feel alive always, LEARN everyday of your life. Only when you know nothing, you are able to make the MOST out of it. Knowing everything will be PREDICTABLE, as if you are reading a book to which you have already watched the movie. It is fun to not always know things. LIFE is a JOURNEY which has always been expected BUT unexpected. So a HUMBLE suggestion is, let us keep it that way. There has to be a balance in everything right?

"If life were PREDICTABLE
it would CEASE to be life,
and be without FLAVOUR."
- Anonymous.

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