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Hope... It Keeps Us Going!!

HOPE... a WISH, a WILL, an AMBITION, an ASPIRATION. Hope is a lot of things in a lot of different ways. It could be very OBVIOUS or very SUBTLE. Hope is SOMETHING that we NEED as long as LIVE; in fact we need it in order to live. It is what DRIVES the world forward. We do things and plan stuff with the SIMPLE HOPE to get something out of it. The google definition is that hope is "an OPTIMISTIC state of mind that is based on the expectation of positive outcomes with respect to a series of events taking place in one's life" - even though expectations from everyone around you are not advisable; but that is for another time. That get me to another point that hope is the PILLAR of the WORLD we LIVE in. When we WISH for something, when we are WILLING to do something and when we have an AMBITION in life is because we have hope. These are all the different ways that us HUMANS hope in.

However, there COME times and situations when we are in the DARK and feel completely HELPLESS. Tough times TEND to BREAK us in UNBEARABLE and UNFATHOMABLE ways, or at least that is what it FEELS like. As if someone or something is breaking you and you can do nothing about it. However, we still stay INTACT and it is BECAUSE of ONE thought that has been around for a great amount of TIME. That thought is the MINDSET of HOPE that tomorrow will be a BRIGHTER day no matter how DARK the NIGHT is. Hope is the LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL that keeps us going; it is the SPARKLE in our lives. Our very own PIXIE DUST.

"H. O. P. E. - Hold On, Pain Ends." - Anonymous.

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