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HELP... Selflessly?

HELP is a lot of things. It is the GOOD in the WORLD, the GUIDANCE of the LOST, COMFORT for the SCARED, words of ENCOURAGEMENT for those in DOUBT, and ADVICE for those trying to CHOOSE between different paths of life.

According to a wide range of people - helping OTHERS is the way to help OURSELVES. For a fact I know that all of us have at some time or at some point in time have THOUGHT about out very EXISTENCE as an INDIVIDUAL. What is our PURPOSE and what are we MEANT to do with our TIME on EARTH... ever WONDERED? Sometimes some people seek ANSWER to this question by helping others, and I follow this way myself. I have been doing it for a WHILE now and I feel that maybe this is my sole purpose. The fact that I WANT to help and make a DIFFERENCE on an individual level in someone's LIFE proves it all the more. You will come across those who might not WANT your help but they really NEED it, in these situations I BELIEVE. that we should NEVER back up. There is a different SATISFACTION once we are able to be of AID to someone; it brings a HAPPY smile to our faces.

There is ONE thing that does bother me at time though. It is the topic of Helping SELFLESSLY. Do you think that helping others selflessly is overrated? Maybe it is, and in some cases you CANNOT always be selfless and I think you shouldn't even be. At time there are situations where you HAVE to be selfless in order for your aid to GET THROUGH; but these are only decided in TIME. On one hand, I do RECOMMEND helping others. in need as much as you can but I ALSO OPPOSE the thought of selfless help since it could harm us because at times we end up EXPECTING. It is a fact that we ALONE cannot help EVERYONE but at least ALL of us can help SOMEONE in order to GROW as a COMMUNITY of HUMANITY. Our efforts to ASSIST others will all be in VAIN if we start expecting from others because that is what SOME tend to believe in when they feel they deserve something in return or when the genuine happiness is not enough for them. This is where we go WRONG. At least that is what I think -as long as we feel satisfies with what we have done. for a stranger or a known it should be ENOUGH for us. Once you START expecting then you STOP receiving.

However, there is one big "RULE" that I follow...

Do not help someone to the point you DRAIN yourself. Otherwise, it will only harm you more and that too without any GAINS (emotionally). Sometimes, you can but only if it is WORHT IT. Controversial? I know... but it is like that at times.

#helpingothers #selflesshelp #noexpectations #givingshouldnothurt #paradoxicalthoughts

NEVER help anyone UNCONDITIONALLY... As the WORLD has ALWAYS been a SELFISH LIE. - Anonymous

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