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GOD, works in mysterious ways.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

There are many ways one can refer to God; the CREATOR of the universe, RULER, PROTECTOR, DESTROYER, FATHER, SUPREME BEING, SPIRITUAL BEING, UNSEEN, OMNIPRESENT, ALL KNOWING, GURU - guiding the soul from darkness to light, DIVINE. etc. and many other names. But most common way is to call him GOD.

GOD... What is your concept of God? As fas as I know, for some HE is only one being; others say HE has many avatars. What do you think represents him now and represented him in the past? Religions? Gurus? Prophets? Disciples? Priests? Could be anything honestly. A beautiful way to put it is that NATURE represents HIM. My concept of GOD? Well, it might sound complicated but here we go. I think that there is a DIVINE POWER/FORCE that guides us. That force is the reason we do what we do and get what we get; more like the concept of KARMA but a bit motor detailed and complex. I would say science is involved to a major extent. However, we all know that GOD works in mysterious ways. We all know this fact, since we have a term in our dictionary known as MIRACLES. At some point, be it major or minor, extremely relevant or irrelevant some of us might have experienced it in some way. It could be one for our neighbours where things are working hand in hand perfectly to get out of whatever emergency they are stuck in or it could be something you are stuck with and suddenly it is not a problem anymore... not a stress anymore.

The UNIVERSE I would say works in mysterious and secret ways. ALMOST everyone is treated equally in the way they are supposed to be. Maybe also given the SAME OPPORTUNITIES but in different situations and we just tend to use them DIFFERENT ? Seems like it to me, THINK about it? We are always SURROUNDED by opportunities and all we need to do is just LOOK around carefully. If we do not see all those opportunities or solutions then the POSSIBILITY is we only see what we NEED at the time - it makes sense too, we will NOT SEE what we do not need or want. It is a human TENDENCY to do so - a manufacturing ERROR.

So back to my point, NATURE and GOD together work in mysterious ways by keeping us surrounded by opportunities and solutions ALL THE TIME and letting us see WHAT we NEED at the MOMENT we need it. The thing that the ABOVE statement points out is that we are 24x7 surrounded by HELP, WAY-OUTS, SOLUTIONS. One fact or harsh truth - whatever you find suitable - is that sometimes some people are not able to realise that and at time it also gets HARD to see it BECAUSE we are so OBSESSED with the PROBLEM/SITUATION in front of us. Simply stating a fact here - everyone OVERTHINKS. It gets to the point where all we can see around us is TROUBLE and no way out. Trust me, this is the worst feeling ever. We socialise but still think that no one REALLY cares about us. Well, let me tell you that is NOT TRUE.

Now, THANK GOD that HUMANS were made to be SOCIAL animals. Even if we do not know about the people around us, we always want to and are CONSTANTLY finding a chance to get to interact with them. No matter how much you STAY TO YOURSELF... if you call for help, I can GUARANTEE that they WILL COME. Such is the nature of HUMANITY inside us HUMANS. I can say this BECAUSE I had the opportunity of WITNESSING it. Recently, our NEIGHBOURS got into such a predicament and when we called for the other neighbours to help they came in an instant without thinking a second thought. She was THANKFUL for having the SUPPORT and HELP she got. So, no matter what you THINK or BELIEVE in. Whether you are a BELIEVER or a NON-BELIEVER... know that it works same for everyone. Just one SIMPLE way to get out of the SITUATION is to LOOK AROUND and yes you WILL FIND people ready to help, you WILL FIND the ANSWERS. #god #godworksinmysteriousways #yesyouwillmakeit #believeinyourself #paradoxicalthoughts


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