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Freedom - An Illusion...

What is FREEDOM? Not being TRAPPED, STUCK or BOUND. It is CHANGE, it is the SYSTEM of DEMOCRACY and the RIGHT to ACT as one WIIL'S to. Freedom is unlimited CHOICE. It is the feeling of being UNRESTRAINED. It is when you are like WATER; free to take the SHAPE of anything you WISH or LIKE. We have always been fighting for being able to as we PLEASE and once we achieve it we tend to call it freedom. However, this is not freedom.. rather it is just a GAME. A game of ESCAPING one trap just to enter ANOTHER. In a hypothetical situation, you have a worry/a problem/a task that needs to be done or solved but is taking time or - according to you - is STUCK. For you, at that moment, freedom will be getting is done. That FEELING of no more stress or tension will be your idea of freedom in relation to it. Another scenario; a HOMELESS PERSON. For him/her freedom might be going to PRISON. Why? Because they will get the right care and food if not for life but at least for a day or two. See? Every situation and every person's idea of freedom will ALWAYS be DIFFERENT while THINKING we live in a free world today; just like how for a JOURNALIST being able to write the right thing would be freedom.

This basically amounts to one SIMPLE fact; no one today is free. We are all stuck or trapped one way or another. 'I think that freedom is an ILLUSION that makes us think we are living it.' How? you think. I will TELL you since I have quite a few examples for it. a major one being the HUMAN EVOLUTION in lifestyle. They say we were HUNTER-GATHERERS, WANDERERS, and GYPSIES for the longest time back then. We got TIRED of the CONSTANT moving so we started SETTLING. Again, we wanted to be free from the moving routine. Slowly we came to ESTABLISHING communities, villages, towns, cities, states, territories, kingdoms and eventually reached empires. In the end, we REASONED to be ruled by kings and queens that carried on for a good while. Keep in mind all these establishments were done in order to be 'free' from the previous. As if time sensed it, we were getting tired by the kings and queens. And then boom!! in came the BRITISH RAJ and we accepted it thinking it was setting us free from kings' rule. The BRITISH COLONISATION soon became too much. It was ALL work and EXCRUCIATING humiliation and NO recognition or benefits of any sort. We finally AGITATED to ultimately be established as a DEMOCRACY. Again, for us freedom was this change in systems of governing. Now we have problems with this too!!

It is a PATTERN you see. To get rid/free from the PRESENT we tend to change the near FUTURE only to get TIRED and start getting RID of that as well. We only GET INTO another problem to GET OUT of one. Therefore, FREEDOM is NOT REAL, it is INDEED an ILLUSION in which we THINK we are FREE. BUT ARE WE REALLY?

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Freedom is an ILLUSION. It always comes at a PRICE. - Jonathan Stroud.

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