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Drugs... You Got Out!!! (part three)

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

You got in,

Had a taste,

Loved the HIGHS and Hated the LOWS.

Now, Turned a Regular, You are LOST,

Don't Know Where to GO, Don't Know WHAT TO DO.

It's getting BORING,

All the EXHAUSTION, the NEED for money, and the need to USE them.

So now...



It is a 3 STEP process. It is not easy. Is it DIFFICULT? Yes, but not impossible. You wanted out and now you have started your journey. Mostly people start by CONFIDING in those who they think will understand them and stand by their side. Which is one thing that is very IMPORTANT in such a state. The user NEEDS a SUPPORT; a someone who will be THEIR TRUST. The person you confided in could be your mom or dad, brother or sister, aunt, teacher, a really good friend or a mentor. This here is the FIRST STEP - CONFIDING/CONFESSION. Once you ADMIT it - and it is in the case of many things - it gets a lot easier to OVERCOME and CONQUER those problems or fears - whichever way you want to put it. CONFESSING is the TOOL that will CREATE the PATH to your DESTINATION. Now that someone KNOWS, you start the SECOND STEP - REHAB. Do not panic at all. It is NOT a prison or a confinement cell. Think of it as a DORM room of a university. Students and people go away for studying all the time and stay in dorms; which is natural. SO, think of it as a hostel or a dorm you are staying at until YOU are fully RECOVERED. Our BRAIN is an incredible gift that we have received for free and by birth. It has the POWER to either MAKE us or DESTROY us. My point is, ONCE you SET your MIND to ATTAIN something you will definitely ACHIEVE it, without a DOUBT. Honestly, there are some who do not make it out alive or successfully. It is the HARSH TRUTH. However, the only thing that matters is that YOU want to get rid of it, because you are the only thing who can help in achieving this goal with SUPPORT obviously. If the MIND has a sense of SUPPORT it will only grow STRONGER and more WILLED to be well and healthy. As you finish your step two, you mentally prepare yourself for the FINAL step - STEP THREE. It is to NOT RELAPSE. Even after the rehab you will need that support of that one or many whom you confessed of being an addict. They will HELP you to stay STABLE and stay CLEAN. All you have to do is have FAITH and BELIEVE in YOU. People around will QUESTION, but you HAVE to STAND YOUR GROUND.

Guess what? You are a lucky one to get out of it safe.

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Remember this always...

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