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Drugs... Got in or feel trapped?(Part two)

So WORD OF MOUTH got to you. And YOU started using. How does it FEEL like? From what I have HEARD; the FIRST few TIMES are pretty EXCITING one could say. Then the person using gets USED to it; the WHOLE process becomes a REGULAR thing. Once you have been using it for a LONG TIME your idea of EVERYTHING you thought doing drugs would get you GOES AWAY. Ever WONDERED what makes people do it? WHY do they put their LIVES on the LINE for something that they know will ONLY kill them in the end? Most of the times this is FOR FUN, or because YOUR FRIENDS told you it is amazing. Other reasons are that these people FEEL all the HURT, PAIN, SADNESS, ANGER that they think will never go away or that they will never be FREE from the BURDEN of it. PEOPLE do it to GET AWAY, and to FORGET even if it is for a while. The STRESS is so much that they are willing to put their lives at RISK.

HOWEVER, once you get regular... all that MAGICAL experience VANISHES. POOF!! Now there is a phase of REALISATION. And you feel STUCK, TRAPPED, as if you are not able to move. It is like YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL. The more you want to GET OUT of it, the more your MIND and BODY want it. There are feelings of DEAD-END and being FIXED like GLUE. People feel as if someone else is DRIVING them. HERE'S the thing... even though you feel stuck, trapped or HELPLESS and feel you are not WORTHY of being SAVED; just know one thing. YOU will get out of it, you will be saved because GUESS WHAT?!! YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING SAVED. It is NOT the END of the world. You are WORTH of all the struggle that is in the JOURNEY of being SAVED. There are people around you who LOVE you and would do anything to save you. All you have to do is LOOK AROUND. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!!!

"It feels like you are in DARKNESS and DARKNESS is CONSUMING you; but there is a LIGHT at the END of a TUNNEL." - Anonymous.

#drugs #youareworthit #youareloved

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