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Drugs... Good or Bad? (part one)

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Drugs.. what are they? They are ADDICTIVE. They are ILLEGAL. They are KILLERS. One WHIFF of them and you DON'T OWN yourself anymore. It LURES you in promising you heaven and SMASHES you down hard all the way to HELL. It is HARD to recover, to FIGHT back, but it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

We know about the MAFIA world, smuggling, trafficking and all those ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES that are on the PLAY in today's WORLD. Some say that the GOVERNMENTS allow this to happen to a certain extent. Being HONEST, I AM A FIRM BELIEVER. It is how they keep a part of their ECONOMY intact. Because the TRUTH is that the TAX paid on such things is very HIGH. Plus it goes down a whole CHAIN - but that is for LATER. Also, it is a GOOD and EASY way to keep at least HALF of the YOUTH distracted and keeping them from REVOLTING against the unfair and wrong POLICIES. If the youth is DISTRACTED then they are safe and matter will be SWEPT UNDER THE RUG - is the THOUGHT. It is very well known that there are a lot of things that the government does, but it is always HIDDEN. Always a SECRET. Always a CONFIDENTIAL FILE. Always a TOP PRIORITY. You might be thinking... no one forces you into it. Little do you know my friend, always the first one is FORCED. They do not get a choice but we do. There are so many questions... WHY do people do it? HOW do they get into it? ENDLESS questions with no DEFINITE answers. But, here is what I will tell you... Just like a few lines before, the first person whom we never know is forced; and the rest follow by a simple WORD OF MOUTH technique. The LINES stay the same and only the VICTIM'S vulnerability according to their SITUATION changes. Want to know the lines... "Try it, you will FEEL HAPPY." "It is HEAVEN." "You will FORGET all your PROBLEMS." These are some.

"Once you're IN, REMEMBER... It ALWAYS feel like you don't have a CHOICE. It always FEELS like it is a ONE-WAY TRIP. But IT IS NOT." - R.S.

#drugabuse #thereisalwaysachoice #youcanalwaysbesaved #paradoxicalthoughts

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