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Change... No one likes it!!

CHANGE... helps us live a SANE life I think. What do you think is change? I think change is a NEED. Something that is completely DIFFERENT but IMPORTANT. A word that has so much meaning to it that we keep realising its importance in our life whenever we face it. For some it is a CHALLENGE. For some it FEELS like a CURSE and they think that GOD has made them face it on purpose. Here is the twits though; CHANGE is a NECESSITY. Why? Imagine eating your favourite dish for the rest of your lives. You just can't right? Then why do you want to live the same old way that you probably have been for years already ? Would you not like to have things play out a bit different sometimes? I already know my answer to that and it is a YES.

This is for those who do not like change at all. YES, it can be ABNORMAL, ABRUPT and at times painfully SLOW but trust me it is NEEDED. Just know that it happens for the BETTER, for your own GOOD and BENEFIT. Change is what gives our life PURPOSE, MEANING and DIRECTION. Without it we would follow the same ROUTINE like trained and programmed ROBOTS. I believe that none of us want a ROBOTIC routined life. I mean ... we ARE humans after all and we DO have FEELINGS and honestly, I do not think anyone wants to experience the emotions or feelings in the same way of life - NOT ACCEPTABLE.

On the contrary, there are times and people who WAIT for the change to OCCUR. For then sometimes it gets very slow and they FEEL like living in SLOW MOTION. For example they feel as if they are stuck in a LOOP. So, for them NATURALLY, change is that NEXT button which gives them a new direction and a PATH to follow and DISCOVER. If you THINK about it... we only EVER think different or get done with a situation AFTER the changing process has occurred. Even though the RATE at which it happens is sometimes slow and feels like a CURSE; but eventually we do get out of it and SOMETIMES all you have to do is HOPE. As long as you keep HOPING you will be out of it in a BLINK OF AN EYE. However, there are times when the change is very SUDDEN and DYNAMIC. So DRASTIC and MOVING that we even get SCARED. But, we ARE only AFRAID of the IDEA of what WILL happen. Fear of the UNKOWN. Only we need to realise that all we have to do is FOCUS. Focus on what IS HAPPENING and you will not be scared anymore. In fact, you will be able to HANDLE the whole PROCESS easily.

Some might still say that they do not want the CHANGE and are HAPPY with the way their LIFE is playing out right now. Good for them I would say because I do not control the way the changes come in their lives. In fact, I am always looking for a change since I despise having the same old routine. I feel that we need to EMBRACE the PROCESS and CONCEPT of change. This approach will only help us in accepting the fact that is EXISTS and is NEEDED.

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Change is the ONLY CONSTANT in LIFE. - Heraclitus

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