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Age... Looking Forward

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

AGE. For some it is only a NUMBER. Some say it marks the PROCESS of one's AGEING. There are people for who view it in a NEGATIVE way and others who see it in a POSITIVE light. It also MARKS the time that someone or something has spent, or has existed around. I think as we GROW in age, we PROGRESS and end up having a big COLLECTION of so many things - an important one for me being MEMORIES.

Sarcastically speaking, age is not a number because it is a WORD (please laugh). Thinking about it - indeed a word it is. A word which is full of endless DIVERSITY because it is used to refer to so many DISTINCT things. FROM materialistic physical things TO abstract thoughts everything has the word attached to them in some way - living or non-living. Age is something that JUSTIFIES our stereotypes and the DECISIONS we make based on it. To deem something VALID or INVALID comes with the AGE FACTOR. Something or someone who has been around longer is CONSIDERED more valid and accurate compared to a NEW thing or the YOUTH. Even today when we AGREE that the youth also have valuable OPINION we do not accept them as OPENLY. It is said right that somethings are easier said than done. For us today older is WISER and their thoughts are written in STONE because it MATTERS. On the other hand, the young are FULL of energy and ideas but are NOT wise enough and their suggestions are written on SAND. Sad but it is true, not everyone accepts the youth easily.

However, in SOME cases it is NECESSARY to look at the AGE. Why? It is simple. Sometimes we NEED the EXPERIENCE, the TIME, the WISDOM - a DIFFERENT perspective. Because the OLDER people have seen the SHIFT in trends - from fashion to technology. Age is a NECESSITY. The process of AGEING is IMPORTANT because that is how we are able to LIVE. Staying stuck with the SMALL things and making them BIG will not get anyone anywhere. As long as we KEEP pin-pointing we will STAY stuck and NOTHING will be. different. All we need to do in order to MOVE forward is to learn. LEARN that change takes TIME. Adapting, accepting and implementing all TAKE time to happen. My suggestion... it is that TAKE age into CONSIDERATION when REQUIRED because it HELPS. There is PERSONAL experience behind this piece of suggestion. Someone who has EXISTED longer than you has SEEN the world LONG enough to advise you. They do KNOW more, and MIGHT even be able to save you from making MISTAKES that they can FORESEE you might. And we ALL want to AVOID making mistakes as much as we can... don't we?

Paradoxical as it may seem, to believe in youth is to look backward; to look forward we must believe in AGE. - Dorothy L.S.

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