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Afterlife - A Life After Death

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The OTHER side. Human BRAIN is one that is extremely CURIOUS. It is the very reason we are ALWAYS researching, inventing and venturing into the UNKNOWN areas of our surrounding environment. FROM medical TO technology and MORE, you name it and somewhere someone is after it already. AFTERLIFE, is one such field. Everyone needs and wants to KNOW more about it. There are PERSONAL beliefs that determine every individual's PERSPECTIVE of it. A very common belief is that death is NOT FINAL and that after DEATH one's soul continues to go on and live; perhaps in a different REALM. An EXISTENCE of the soul after the journey of the PHYSICAL BODY has been completed. Afterlife is a JOURNEY for the SOUL to COMPLETE. Some of these journeys' end-points as KNOWN to us are; HEAVEN and HELL after a court of judgement, for some a bright LIGHT forever, for others nothing but a DARK abyss. My BELIEF is that ONCE you are dead, you are dead. That is it, nothing MORE and nothing LESS. Some might still believe there is a POSSIBILITY of AFTERLIFE.

What If There Is Just ONE Place Everyone Goes After DEATH? What Are Your THOUGHTS?

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